Innovació i tecnologia

As specialists in production and design technologies, APLICACIONS METALAYM incorporates the leading technologies in all cutting processes.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting for sheet metal or square or round tubular profiles allows us to offer flexible responses to changing requirements and demands, in addition to the great advantage it gives us thanks to the versatility in defining the outline to be cut, as any shape and complexity in the final cut can be defined with great precision in the details.

High definition plasma cutting, oxygen cutting and water jet cutting

Waterjet Dynamic Technology allows us to do cold cutting to avoid thermal variations in the material.

These processes allow us to always maintain excellent quality in our finished product in the different materials we work with (stainless steels and alloys, iron and alloys, aluminium, copper and brass), in any length and thickness, as well as to reduce manufacturing times as we have a rush service available.



We have the most state-of-the-art technology to carry out processes such as shearing, unquestionably the best option for creating linear cuts, with an endless range of possibilities for different thicknesses and lengths.

Our machinery has blades that make vertical cuts by exerting pressure on the sheet to be cut until overcoming the surface’s resistance to traction, breaking the sheet and separating it into pieces as required.


We offer a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) punching service performed via automated mechanical operations, where we use punches and dies to achieve any kind of operation required by our customers.

Round, square, elongated, oval and hexagonal holes, enlargements of round holes, insertions and embossing, among other operations, performed on any type of format: from sheets, square tubular profiles, round tubular profiles, rails, commercial angular profiles and even structural beams with different profiles (UPN, IPN, IPE, HEA, HEB and HEM).

We have no problems adapting to our customers’ needs thanks to the quality of the punches and drilling profiles we have, custom manufactured to perform drilling and boring operations that are difficult due to the thickness or shape of the profile to be punched.