Our technical office can respond to the different needs of our customers.



Our Engineering Department works with CAD/CAM/3D, using design software that enables us to do calculations and conversions to all existing design formats.

We work on everything from the comprehensive design of the industrial project to the breakdown of all the elements of any industrial project to adapt it to the customer’s chosen production.


Certification of processes and raw materials

We also offer a service to certify the raw materials used in the manufacturing of any industrial project, as well as the production processes carried out, always under the customer’s supervision and acceptance.

External engineering service

APLICACIONS METALAYM’s Technical Department offers an external engineering service to calculate and design any industrial project, always according to the necessary regulations, supervised and accepted by our customer.

We specialise in designing highly complex industrial equipment and components, and thanks to our technical capacity, we can design everything from large machinery to small technical parts, thus being able to provide solutions for any industrial project, whether in series or customised elements.

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