APLICACIONS METALAYM is a metallurgical company engaged in the design and manufacture of highly complex industrial equipment and components.

Specialising in industrial sheet metal working, we use stainless steel, iron and aluminium as raw materials to manufacture industrial machinery and components.

Since it was founded over 15 years ago, our company has focused all its efforts on providing our customers with high-quality, unique and competitive products and services.

To do this, APLICACIONS METALAYM uses a work method based on using continuous improvement as a tool for constant evolution.

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The aim of this method is to develop exclusive projects and solutions for our customers by implementing a work system that involves optimising all work processes, continuous investment in technological innovation, a commitment to quality and a rigorous, dedicated workforce.

Through this philosophy, we have created a solid, efficient technology infrastructure that allows us to optimise all our production processes and to work quickly and effectively to provide our customers with exclusive, high-quality service.